Bill Payments

Payments to Sul Ross State University, Alpine campus, may be made:

  1. With a credit card in Banner Lobo Online, or calling the One Stop Shop at 432-837-8050.
  2. By mailing the payment to Box C-500, Alpine, Texas 79832
  3. By making a payment in the One Stop Shop, located at Lawrence Hall 100.

Payments to Sul Ross State University Del Rio, Eagle Pass and Uvalde may be made:

  1.  With a credit card in Banner Lobo Online, or calling the Business Services offices at each campus site.
    Del Rio: 830-703-4828 or 830-703-4832
    Eagle Pass: 830-758-5042
    Uvalde: 830-279-3006
  2.  By mailing the payment to:

    Del Rio

    Business Services Dept.
    205 Wildcat Drive
    Del Rio, TX 78840

    Eagle Pass

    Business Services Dept.
    3107 Bob Rogers Drive
    Eagle Pass, TX 78852


    Business Services Dept.
    2623 Garner Field Rd.
    Uvalde, TX 78801

For details, including installment payments, see the bill payment information (PDF). Students planning to pay in installments will need to complete a promissory note through the Bill & Payment section online.

Payment Due Date

Each semester tuition and fees are due before the first class day. The official first class day for the term is the regular session first class day, as published in the academic calendar.

Non-Payment of Tuition and Fees

Students who have not paid the required tuition and fees, or made confirmed arrangements through Financial Aid, before the first class day in summer terms or in the fall/spring will be dropped from all classes. Efforts will be made to notify students by campus e-mail and phone before the start of classes to make a financial commitment. If there is no financial commitment made prior to the 1st class day, classes will be cancelled and students will need to re-register and pay a Late Registration Fee of $125.

Anyone who has not resolved tuition and fee payment by the 3rd class day in summer terms or the 4th class day in the Fall/Spring will not be allowed to re-register.

Students who have made at least 30% payment into their account before the 1st class day (out of pocket, Financial Aid, Military Benefits, etc.) for the Fall/ Spring term will not be dropped for nonpayment. If the student decides not to attend after a payment has been made they must withdraw themselves.

* Collection Fees- Collection Agency Costs, not to exceed 33 1/3 % of the principal balance, will be assessed on the unpaid balance of my account, after internal collection efforts have failed to result in the full payment of account. Account will be sent to an outside collection agency and may be reported to one or more credit bureau reporting service(s).