ARTC 2331 Introduction to Animation (3-3). This course will introduce students to traditional animation techniques by using Toon 21 Boom’s Animate software and by studying notable historic examples of animation. Basic animation principles will be taught via presentations and reinforced through many practical exercises.

ARTC 3332 Advanced Two-Dimensional Imaging (3-3). Students will use Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop to create and manipulate digital imagery. Presentations and hands-on demonstrations will help reinforce ideas and techniques used to create digital imagery. Prerequisite: CSAT 2310 or FA 2302

ARTC 3333 User Interface Design (3-0).  A hands-on and lecture based design course exploring human-computer interface applications such as app and website design. Note that this course focuses only on design, not programming.

ARTC 3334 Introduction to Maya (3-3). This course introduces students to the techniques and concepts used to create 3-dimensional graphics using Autodesk’s Maya. Students will learn how to build, light, and animate 3-dimensional objects for use in gaming and animation.

ARTC 3340 Advanced Animation (3-3).  This course is a further study of frame-by-frame animation where students continue to develop their skills through examples and projects. Prerequisite: ARTC 3334.

ARTC 4303 Advanced Maya (3-3). Further study of Maya to create 3-dimensional graphics. Students will refine the creation, lighting, texture, and animation of their 3-D objects. Prerequisite: ARTC 3334.