GEOG 1302 (GEOG 1303) World Regional Geography (3-0).  A regional study of the world in a survey course which uses the basic elements as tools for observation and analysis in revealing the interrelationships of features involving man and different areas of the earth.

GEOG 2302 Geography of the North America (3-0).  An overview of significant physical and human elements of the United States and Canada and their relationships within a setting of fourteen specific regions.

GEOG 2303 Geography of Environment and Society (3-0). This course introduces students to the study of relationships between people and the environment from a social science perspective, and provides a context for thinking about the social causes and consequences of environmental changes in different parts of the world. The course will analyze how human use of the environment has varied over time and space. Course examines decision-making about environment issues and the relative roles of culture, institutions, technology, and economy in causing and resolving contemporary environmental problems around the world.

GEOG 2308 Readings and Research. (0-3).  Selected readings and research projects to be offered as individual study to meet student’s needs.  May be repeated for credit.

GEOG 3301 Geography of Texas (3-0).  A topical study of the physical and cultural elements of Texas which reveal the great diversity of a growing and vibrant state. Features examined include the landscape, cultural groups, and various economic activities

GEOG 3302 Readings and Research in Geography (3-0).  An individualized course with varying topics to be chosen by the instructor in consultation with the student. May be repeated once.

GEOG 3303 Special Topics in Geography (3-0).  Selected topics in Geography.  May be repeated for credit when the topic varies.

GEOG 4301 Geography of the Borderlands(3-0).  This course provides a political and geographical look at the U.S. Borderlands. Examination of historical and current territory, law and policy, natural environment, border culture and diverse people groups. Course content would include analysis of immigration, security/terror discourse, indigenous nations and international economic networks (legal and illegal). At times, a thematic approach may be employed with focus on indigenous Nations on U.S. borders, water rights, natural resource and wildlife management, or other issues between nation-states.  

GGR 4301 World Regional Geography (3-0).  Geography of the major world regions to include the study of population, environment, cultural patterns, urbanization, and the organization of economies.

GGR 4302 Geography of Texas (3-0).  The geography of Texas to  include  a study of population, culture patterns, environment, urbanization, and economic organization.

GGR 4304 Geography of North America (3-0).  A study of the physical and cultural geography of the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

GGR 4327 Readings and Research in Geography (3-0).  An independent study of certain topics in geography.